A-Frame with temporary Bracing_edited.jpg


We are able to create a range of carpentry products from composting toilets to benches, shelters and gates. We work with both dimensioned and round wood timber sourced locally and naturally durable. Please contact us to enquire.


Sweet chestnut roundwood log store_edited.jpg

Sweet Chestnut Log Store

The frame and sides are made from round and split naturally durable Sweet Chestnut. The roof is made from Chestnut shingles.

Chunky Larch Bench with Oak Pin Joints_edited.jpg

Larch Benches

One of four 8 foot benches made to sit in different locations round a Gloucestershire woodland.

Reciprocal roof fruit cage_edited.jpg

Reciprocal Roof Fruit Cage

Built with Lawson Cypress poles sunk into the ground, the reciprocal roof holds itself up.

Cob Oven and Woof Fired Hob_edited.jpg

Cob Oven and Grill

Made as part of an outdoor woodland kitchen.

Twin composting toilet block_edited.jpg

Twin Composting Toilet

Made from Local Cedar for a campsite in Somerset.

River wood A-frame shelter_edited.jpg

A-Frame Kitchen

A simple but spacious woodland shelter used as an outdoor kitchen and workshop.

Anna's gate_edited.jpg

Sweet Chestnut Gate

With a dimensioned frame and hand drawn poles in the centre.

table and benches rw_edited.jpg

Elm Table and Benches

Rustic table set on trestles with half round benches.