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We make handmade items using traditional Greenwood crafts available on our online shop.


We also make outdoor structures such as composting toilets and shelters, and other natural wood carpentry including gates, benches and tables.

Celi also offers woodland managment including coppicing, felling, clearing, brushcutting, planting trees, extracting, and Hedgelaying.

Sweet chestnut roundwood log store_edited.jpg

Green Wood Crafts

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Woodland Work

River wood A-frame shelter_edited.jpg

A-Frame Kitchen

Anna's gate_edited.jpg

Sweet Chestnut Gate

table and benches rw_edited.jpg

Elm Table and Benches

Twin composting toilet block_edited.jpg

Carpentry and Green Building

Chunky Larch Bench with Oak Pin Joints_edited.jpg

Hedge Laying

Reciprocal roof fruit cage_edited.jpg

Reciprocal Roof Fruit Cage

Cob Oven and Woof Fired Hob_edited.jpg

Cob Oven and Grill

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