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Composting toilets are perfect for woodlands, campsites, churches, forest schools, and anywhere where mains water is less accessible.

Composting toilests provide a wonderful compost when managed properly which can be used for many applications such as fruit frees and gardening.

They require no foundations, and no water.

Different types of composting toilet:

Wheely bin composting toilet:

Pros - can move compost around and store it easily.

Cons - needs separate urine tank to discourage anaerobic compost in bin, needs ramp, or to be built on a slope for disabled access.

Self composting toilet: 

Pros - Do not need to move or handle compost until fully composted.

Cons - Requires slightly bigger structure and ramp or to be built on a slope for disabled access.

Removable barrell composting toilet:

Pros - disabled access very easy as can be built at floor height.

Cons - requires regular emptying of barrell into compost heap.

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If you would like to ask any further questions about composting toilets, please do not hesitate to contact me

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